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Animal Care Jobs

This category relates to jobs which require some form of contact with animals. Most people think of a vet when they think of animal care however there is a range of professions: animal breeder, vet assistant, animal photographer, dog walker, pet groomer, kennels operator, zoologist, animal trainer or animal handler. Most jobs require some form of responsibility for an animal - its safe keeping, dietary care and exercise. Sometimes jobs include animal conservation and education. Working with animals can be done in a range of environments such as zoos, vet clinics, indoors or in parks or native reserves. Depending on the job, formal tertiary qualifications are generally looked favorably upon however for positions such as a wildlife educator or media spokesperson for the zoo, training courses specified at the knowledge of certain breeds or animal species is more than adequate. Virtually all skills for really understanding an animal's behavior are learnt on the job.

Available Jobs

Job Title Location Listed
House & Pet Sitters (Perth) Perth, WA 23 days ago
Greyhound Foster Care ACT Canberra, ACT 28 days ago
House & Pet Sitters (Brisbane) Brisbane, QLD 1 month ago
House & Pet Sitters (Melbourne) Melbourne, VIC 1 month ago
House & Pet Sitters (Sydney) Sydney, NSW 1 month ago

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