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20 Facts You Didnt Know About Sleep


Incase you hadn't realised, this week is allllllll about sleep! We're currently half way through Sleep Awareness Week and I'm still continuing to learn more and more about sleep (which also happens to be one of my favourite things in the world)! Today, I've done my research and I'm sharing these 20 interesting facts about sleep that you (probably) didnt already know.  


1. Dysania is the state of finding it hard to get out of bed in the morning.


2. The mammal that needs the most sleep is Koalas, sleeping between 20-22 hours a day.


3. You burn more calories watching TV than sleeping.


4. The extra hour of sleep received when clocks are put back at the start of daylight in Canada has found to coincide with a fall in the number of road accidents.


5. A snail can sleep for three years.


6. The scientific record for the longest period of time a human has intentionally gone without sleep is 11 days and 24 minutes (1964).


7. It’s impossible to sneeze while sleeping.


8. Parents of new born babies lose about 6 months worth of sleep in the first 2 years of their child’s life.


9. An Albatross can sleep while it flies.


10. Dreaming is normal. People who do not dream usually have personality disorders.


11. In Santa Ana, California, it is illegal to let a horse sleep in a bakery.


12. Sleeping directly after learning something new will improve your ability to remember it effectively.


13. Studies show that women may need up to an hour of extra sleep than men, this could explain why women are more susceptible to depression than men.


14. Humans spend a third of their lives sleeping – or approx. 25 years.


15. Only one half of a dolphin’s brain goes to sleep while the other half allows it to surface for air.


16. Cats sleep for 70% of their lives.


17. In Pennsylvania, it is illegal to sleep on a refrigerator, but only outside.


18. Sea Otters hold hands while they sleep so they don’t drift away from each other.


19. After being awake for 17 continuous hours, your performance decreases to the same effect of having a 0.05% blood alcohol reading.


20. You would die from sleep deprivation before food-deprivation.


Which fact was your favourite? Let us know by commenting below!

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The Best Job in the World? Getting Paid to Sleep!


I’m sure I’m not alone in the fact that getting out of bed in the morning is the worst part of the day. Waking up to the horrible screaming sounds of my alarm clock five days a week so I can get to work on time…ergh. What if going to work actually meant going back to sleep? I know, I know, you’re probably thinking what’s the catch. Such a job in fact does exist. There are real people out in the world who are getting paid to sleep. What could be better?


In 2006, the world discovered the best job in the world. Introducing Mr Munnelly, the Director of Sleep for Travelodge (Seriously, is that a real job title?). He was employed to test out the 25,000 beds of Travelodge, checking all different aspects of comfort before it could be approved. I’m speechless.


In 2009, the New Museum in NYC put out an ad looking for women aged between 18-40 to be part of a new exhibit by artist Chu Yun. They would be required to take sleeping pills and sleep on a bed in the middle of the museum between midday and 6pm and be paid $10 an hour.


Also in 2009 (must have been a good year for sleeping), an English student was paid to sleep and was offered one thousand pounds to test luxury beds under a range of conditions and then to write a blog about it. Yes, this isn’t a joke. Simon Horn Ltd. (luxury bed specialists) originally supplied the Savoy Hotel with their beds! They wanted to find out what brings a good night’s sleep, and in doing so, the student was to go to sleep under different conditions such as varying temperature and light as well as going to bed after consuming caffeine and alcohol. I do that anyway, and no one's paying me! Clearly in the wrong line of work.


Getting Paid To Sleep - NASA Sleep Study

Wutang NASA Sleep Study


And for the final act…this time last year NASA was offering up $18,000 for people to lie in bed. Ok, so I made that sound like the easiest thing in the world, right? However, the study actually requires participants to lie in a horizontal position in bed for seventy days. That’s a whole lot of nothing. The only time in which they would get up is for testing. The study was done in order to research “the effects of prolonged exposure to microgravity…in an ongoing effort to improve the conditions for astronauts working in a weightless environment”. Participants are allowed television, internet and even to work if they are able to do so remotely. Still, I love my sleep, but seventy days? Sheesh.


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10 Funny Animals In The Most Awkward Sleeping Positions


Today is the beginning of Sleep Awareness Week! Who doesn't love sleep? So we've decided to celebrate by celebrating sleep...all week. Stay tuned each day this week for a new and hopefully interesting topic about sleep! First up, we've got some absolutely adorable and funny animals who clearly just don't know how to sleep. 


If you have any themes that you would like me to write about, send them through in the comments below! 


1. Puss in Boots


Funny Animals In Awkward Sleeping Positions



 2. It's clearly been a hard day at the office for this struggling polar bear.


Funny Animals in Awkward Sleeping Positions



3. Eating sometimes makes me sleepy too.


Funny Animals in Awkward Sleeping Positions



4. Seriously, do cats even know how to sleep? This looks horribly uncomfortable, but I suppose he'd be extra dry after this nap.


Funny Animals in the most awkward sleeping positions



5. Sometimes there's just not enough room to squeeze beside your mate, I get it. 


Funny Animals in Awkward Sleeping Positions



6. What are Mums for?


Funny Animals in Awkward Sleeping Positions



7. This is how I look after going for a run. I feel ya, buddy!


Funny Animals in Awkward Sleeping Positions



8. Koala's have to be up there with the funniest animals! This sleeping position is a serious skill, learned over many years of practise. 


Funny Animals in Awkward Sleeping Positions



9. Flexi-Cat.


Funny Animals in Awkward Sleeping Positions



10. This is Bizkit. She likes to run in her sleep and it's the cutest thing ever. Click on the image to watch her sleep run!


Funny Animals Sleep Walking


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5 Tips for Balancing Work with Studying



Many university students work through their degrees; some to completely support themselves, others to earn a little extra cash on the side. Whatever the reason may be, there is a delicate balance that comes with the act of juggling a university degree with a part time job.


5 Tips For Balancing Study & Work


  1.      Make A Plan


Write yourself up a calendar of important dates to keep yourself on track. When are your assignments due? When are your exams on? When is your best friends 21st party?


This way you can plan ahead to make sure you don’t get caught out. Plus, being able to cross assignments off the list is possibly one of the most satisfying feelings on this planet.


  1.      Find Flexible Work


When it comes to choosing a job, make sure you can be flexible with your hours. This will make it simplier to organise your shifts around class times and make it much simpler when it comes to the dreaded exam periods. The most popular & flexible part time jobs for students would have to be in either hospitality or retail. 


  1.      Be Organised


Making a plan is all well and good, but sticking to it a whole other thing. Set yourself realistic goals for each week and treat yourself when you achieve them.


  1.      Maximize Your Time


Take your readings on the train, work on your assignments during your break. If you use your time efficiently, then you can use more of your time outside of work on things you actually enjoy (unless you enjoying studying, then carry on).


  1.      Make Time For Yourself

You don’t want to finish your degree and realise that you spent the best years of your life going from work to uni, or uni to work. Make sure you attend some parties, go to coffee with friends and spend time enjoying a little ‘me time’. It is possible. 


Have any more tips? Let us know by commenting below!

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Apple iPhone 6 Plus is Bending


Apple seems to be having a bad day. Firstly they’ve had issues in releasing their new software update and now…well, it seems their new iPhones are bending. And no, this isn’t a cool feature of the latest Apple product. So what’s the big deal?


Let’s break this down for a second. Why is everybody so shocked? At a record 7.1 mm thick and with a huge 5.5-inch screen, the new iPhone 6 Plus is the largest and thinnest phone that has ever been produced by Apple. It also happens to be made mostly out of aluminum. So yes, if you put enough pressure on it, it will bend. Guess what else is made out of aluminum? Drink cans. You don’t see people getting up on their high horses complaining that they’ve been ripped off when they bend their cans up into a ball. But then again, a can of drink doesn’t cost quite as much as an iPhone 6 Plus.


Dale, who has recently bought an iPhone 6 Plus says:


“I haven’t had any issues with my phone yet and I’m not too worried about this bending situation as I know that Apple has outstanding customer service and will replace my phone if I have any issues, which is the main reason why I buy with Apple”.


I’ve spoken with Estely who was considering buying the iPhone 6, what she thinks now?


“I want to upgrade my iPhone 4 soon and was waiting for the iPhone 6 to be released to be able to compare it with the Samsung 5S. The only thing that was making me stay with Apple was the size! But if these rumours are true, I’ll have to re-think what I’m going to do, or at least wait for Apple to release a statement.”


Watch the bend test for yourself!


Apple customers do have a right to be annoyed. Although the phone may be a bit bendy, the other features including the screen and battery have not been made to be flexible. Unlike other flex phones including Samsung and LG’s phones which have been specifically designed to get bendy.


Apple has so far yet to make comment on the latest discoveries of the iPhone 6 Plus. Some companies, however, are choosing to take full advantage of this potential marketing opportunity. Well done, Kit Kat, well done.


Apple iPhone 6 Plus Bending, Kit Kat Reacts


And, well, competition also decided to cash in on some potential new customers. Very sneaky.


Apple iPhone is Bending, LG Reacts



What do you think about the bending saga? Comment below to have your opinion heard!

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Sydney's Best Secret Beaches


The warmer months of Sydney are creeping closer, and we all know what that means. Bikinis. Board shorts. Surf boards. Sand. Beach. And if you’re anything like me, you absolute dread heading to the over-crowded beaches of Sydney on a beautiful Saturday morning.


Here’s my alternative. There are countless (well, they can probably be counted) beautiful beaches in Sydney that aren’t full of tourists and screaming children. They are the little hidden gems of this city that are yet to be overtaken by the masses. You’re welcome.


1. Congwong Beach


Sydney's Best Secret Beaches - Congwong Beach



In the Botany Bay area and right next to La Perouse, this beach is a little more popular due to it’s easy accessibility to the road.


2. Shark Beach


Sydney's Best Secret Beaches - Shark Beach



Nielsen Park in the eastern suburbs is one of my favourite places in Sydney, and it just so happens to come with a beautiful beach. Surrounding by netting, Shark Beach is a beautiful spot for a swim and a picnic.


3. Chinamans Beach


Sydney's Best Secret Beaches - Chinamans Beach



Located in Mosman, Chinamans Beach is a local favourite. No waves, no worries.


4. Little Bay Beach


Sydney's Best Secret Beaches



Located behind a large golf course, this gem is tucked away just near Botany Bay.



5. Reef Beach


Sydney's Best Secret Beaches - Reef Beach



Located directly opposite Manly beach, Reef Beach is hidden away in Balgowlah Heights.


6. Resolute Beach


Sydney's Best Secret Beaches - Resolute Beach



Resolute Beach lies within Ku-ring-gai-Chase National Park and needs to be entered via a walking track (or you can pay for vehicle entry to the National Park). You won’t find many people here, that’s for sure.


7. Milk Beach


Sydney's Best Secret Beaches - Milk Beach



The perfect spot for an incredible view, Milk Beach is located next to Hermit Bay in Vaucluse. 

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The Worst Commute In the World: Sao Paulo, Brazil


It’s a fact of life; everyone hates their commute to work. But if you thought you had it tough, I’ve got news for you.


Ever heard of Sao Paulo? Cause it’s one of the largest cities in the world. Tucked away in Brazil, it has a population of over 11 million people. 11 million people. Did you hear me? That’s about half the total population of Australia! I know it sounds a bit like I’m writing an essay for my year seven history class, but isn’t that incredible?


With a population like that, you could expect to have a few traffic jams on the way to work. Of course, that’s logical. Wrong. According to local traffic engineers, the average traffic jam on a Friday evening in Sao Paulo is 180 km! On a bad day, the traffic can bank up to 295 km long.


Two hundred and ninety give kilometers long. Are you guys seeing this?


Because I don’t know about you, but I walk to work. I could get the bus, but sitting in traffic is definitely on my list of things I hate. Sitting in 295km of traffic?  Let’s put this into perspective. 295km is longer than the distance between Sydney and Canberra, it is longer than the distance from the bottom to the top of Tasmania and longer than the width of Scotland. It would be like taking an awesome road trip…twice a day.


Yes, Sao Paulo has some of the world’s worst traffic – but not the worst. This isn’t even the be all and end all; this is just up there with the others like Mexico City and Lagos.


Think about that the next time you’re complaining about your hour commute to work. 


Photo found here.

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Why Your Resume Is Being Rejected


5 Real Reasons Why Your Resume Is Being Rejected


There are countless reasons why your resume will be rejected. The trick is to not take it personally because seriously, it’s not always about you. There are certain steps you should take to make sure your resume is the best it can be, but once it’s sent, it’s out of your hands.


You have to realise that employers need to sort through piles of applicants to find the right one and if there is the slightest reason to put yours in the bin pile, then that’s where it will end up.


Spelling Mistakes and Grammatical Errors


I’ve made it clear in some of my past blog posts that having spelling errors on your resume & your cover letter is a huge mistake. I know for many people this may seem obvious, however, it’s a problem that seems to occur more often than not.


I was having lunch on the weekend with a friend of mine who is a primary school teacher. She was telling me about how she was handed an application for a casual teaching position they had going where the applicant had actually written ‘teeching’ rather than ‘teaching’. We laughed and she added, “Anyway, it went straight to the bin”. If you don’t want your CV to end up there too, then start proof reading.




Quality over quantity, people! It was just last week that OneShift received a resume in the mail that was eight pages long. The italics are meant to stress the ridiculousness of the situation. Keep it short, keep it sweet (i.e. relevant). No one wants to read your life story.




Imagine you have hundreds of resumes to sort through. It’s almost impossible to read them all, so you sort through them by other means. In other words, if your formatting is dull and boring, it might not even get a second glance.


If you need a little more advice about what to avoid, have a read of this: 10 Cringe Worthy Things To Put On Your Resume.


Social Stalking


It’s a fact that if employers want to know more about you, they will take to social media. They will sift through your photos to discover what you’re really like. If they don’t like what they find…well, you know.


You can change your security settings or you can make your profiles a little more presentable, whatever it is, be aware of the image you are presenting to the online world.


It Never Even Got A Chance


The most honest reason why your resume got rejected? No one even looked at it. Sometimes the most important aspect of applying for a job is timing. If you don’t get that right, you won’t get the chance. Try not to take it personally.

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New iPhone Released



iPhones suck! Well, that’s how most Android users have reacted to the announcement of the new iPhone 6 last week. The new release has not been up to the huge expectations of many people worldwide, disappointing many Apple customers. Sapphire screen? 20MP camera? 3D display? We can only hope to see these features in the next generations of iPhones.


Be that as it may, when the pre-orders opened at 5PM on 12th September 2014, all mobile broadband services sites such as Telstra, Vodafone, and Optus were down. Their websites were not strong enough for the enthusiasm of Australians who wanted to get their iPhones as soon as they could. On top of this, the Australian online Apple Store was also unstable during that time. This left many users extremely frustrated in the process of getting the latest phone, designed in California.


It took less than an hour to make the iPhone 6+, which was supposed to be delivered to your door on the first day of release and to be delivered in 3-4 weeks. It is amazing that the iPhone 6 sold 4 million units in the first day of release, although a plethora of people claimed that it was below their expectation. There are hundreds of people throughout the world queuing in front of Apple stores to get the iPhone on the release days. This alone makes you wonder if the iPhone 6 really is the most technological iPhone ever.


New iPhone Released in Sydney



The answer is…no. 


There is no shortage of reasons why Apple is still winning in Australia. Head and shoulders above all others are Apple manufactured phones that are best for the majority of people. However, not everyone wants to install customised software on their phone, see the file system, and modify the operating system. Advanced users will stay away from this phone and leave it at the hands of the general population. Another reason why Apple may be so popular is to do with their awesome customer service. Phones/products with defects will be replaced / fixed immediately with no hassle. That is the kind of customer services that make it worth to pay extra for an iPhone.


When all is said and done, there are both merits and shortcomings to every decision we make both as individuals and as society. And the same can be said for the case between Apple & Android. 


Want to have your say? Comment below!

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Free Event Melbourne: Turn What You Love Into What You Do


Attention all Melbournians!


Do you answer YES to any of the following?


  •       Are you a recent graduate?

  •       Do you feel that you are on the wrong career path?

  •       Do you want to know how to turn your passion into your career?

  •       Do you enjoy TED Talks? Ok, you get the idea.


If you can answer yes to any of those questions then I have great news for you! OneShift has teamed up with General Assembly to host an awesome event tomorrow night (Friday, September 19th) in Melbourne…especially for you!


NB: If you answered 'No' to all the questions, you can still come along for a little inspiration & a free beer!


Did I mention that it’s FREE? Cause it is.


Turn What You Love Into What You Do: there will be some inspiring guest speakers including our very own Gen George who are there to inspire you to turn what you love into what you do. After the short talks, you can stick around for a chat and some drinks (you know, cause they’re free).


How good is that?! Quality speakers, amazing advice & drinks…all for free!


Where’s the catch? There isn’t one. So come along!




GA Level 1, 20 Queen Street,

Melbourne, VIC 3000




Friday, 19 September

6:00 - 7:30pm


Stay tuned...content preview will be coming your way tomorrow via social media! Facebook, Twitter & LinkedIn!



Sydneysiders feeling a bit left out? Don't worry, we're coming to you soon! Stay tuned...

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    "From go to whoah! Less than a year old and more than 117,000 members. A local startup story" "At 22 years old Gen George has already built a remarkable business. In June 2012 George launched her startup OneShift '“ a play in the casual and part-time work space. In less than a year, there are more than 117,000 registered members who are looking for work. But, more remarkable is the fact that there are several thousand registered employers looking for staff. It's a business that looks to set to shakeup the recruitment space. The OneShift business model is simple '“ put people looking for casual work in touch with companies looking for casual employees. Gone are the long contracts for advertising available roles. Gone are excessive advertising costs that the major job listing sites charge. OneShift is changing the online recruitment landscape. In this podcast hear about how George took this business from an idea she had while travelling, to pitching to family to raise the initial funds, to securing leading industry mentors '“ ones who understand how to revolutionise a stagnant market."
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    Talking money is an interesting topic. We all need it and we all want more of it. But many employees feel too awkward to ask their employers for a pay rise. Why? Too often it's a matter of the on-going commitment, they think, is required to a business or company once a pay rise has been granted. Many employees believe that if they ask for a pay rise, then they're forced to 'stay-on' and do their time in order to prove that the rise wasn't a waste. Other employees are intimidated by the outcome of asking for a pay rise. However, most managers are too busy doing their own work to note down all of your achievements. To get a pay rise, be your own best advocate and document why you deserve one. Your boss will need to justify your pay rise to his/her boss so documented reasons will make this easier. So what's the best approach to ask for a pay rise? #1 Rule: Know what makes you worthy or deserving for a pay rise. Are you working additional hours? Are you doing tasks which were not originally outlined in your job description? Have you brought new ideas or initiatives to a business which have substantially helped the growth of the company? Before you approach your boss, it's important to have a list with concrete examples of how you have helped the business and gone beyond your initial 'calls' of duty. Demonstrate the value you have to the company and find out why you would be difficult to replace based on the strength of the current employee market. When should the rate of pay go up? Pay rates can go up: - When you get a promotion - When a junior employee turns a year older or becomes an adult (this means 18-21 years, depending on the award, agreement or industry sector) - When you shift from one year of your apprenticeship to the next - On the anniversary of your employment (12 months) when you are under a federal award or agreement - When a pay rise is awarded by Fair Work Australia - When an employment agreement says you should get one #2 Rule: Another crucial step in preparing your pay-rise pitch is finding out more details surrounding the pay-review process at your particular organization. Some employers review the pay structure of their employees on the anniversary of the employee joining the company, others work on the 'don't ask, don't get' system and require a more proactive approach on behalf of the employee to ask for a pay rise. Most businesses create budgets around a financial year which include allocating funds for new staff and pay rises for the additional staff. You can ask what the process is and flag that you will be preparing a written request for a pay review. #3 Rule: Don't ambush your boss. Send him/her an email outlining why you would like to meet up before a time and date is arranged. Pitch to them why you think you are deserving of a pay rise (generally). This means that on the day of the meeting, they will have a response and a more accurate idea of what the business can offer you. #4 Rule: On the day of the meeting, look professional and dress appropriately. When asking for a pay rise, give the reasons why you are deserving of one first, your value to the company and then state what you would like to be paid. Don't mention your personal situation or the reasons behind why you may need more money. More importantly, don't beg, plead or become aggressive. #5 Rule: Be prepared for a 'no'. Sometimes a business is simply unable to offer a pay rise. In this instance, come prepared. Bring a list of courses you'd like to do as an alternative to a pay rise. This shows your willingness for self-improvement and interest in contributing to the productivity of the company no matter what. Also ask the employer's permission to ask again for a rise in three months time. #6 Rule: If your employer states an outright 'no' and doesn't even recognize your achievements or worth to the business say 'that's OK' and begin looking elsewhere. Note: Not getting a pay rise that you are entitled to means that you have been underpaid. If this is the case, contact your union or use the Fair Work Ombudsman  for assistance. Image Image source:  
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    Image Photo Credit: As baby boomers start to enter their 60s and are facing retirement, we begin to wonder what will come next for the job market. We know that many of the jobs they currently hold are becoming outdated and are being replaced with new skills that require additional training. Over the next ten years, we're likely to see some major changes in the way people work, but even more so, we're probably going to see a difference in the qualities and requirements for all jobs. Perhaps many of the jobs we're thinking of don't even exist yet. Analysts from the U.S. Bureau of Labour Statistics have predicted that the healthcare and financial services sectors are most likely to flourish over the next ten years and that jobs within these industries are also most likely to increase. According to futurologist James Bellini, this means the creation of roles such as 'elderly well-being consultant' because an older population will need different health care. But he also mentioned the prospect of new positions in the field of farming and agriculture, such as 'vertical farmers', who would be farming crops upwards, not across to save space, as food resources are becoming scarce. Author of You Tomorrow and fellow futurologist Ian Pearson predicts growth in augmented reality where the real world is overlaid with computer-generated images. In other words, many of the changes we are seeing today will create the need for jobs to materialise very quickly. So here are some job titles you might want to look out for in the next ten years, as listed by Britain's Telegraph newspaper:
    1. Digital architect: Designs a selection of virtual buildings for advertisers and retailers to market their products
    2. Home carer: Helps care for elderly people in their own homes
    3. Elderly well-being consultant: Specialises in holistic and personalised care for the elderly
    4. Body part maker: Creates living body parts for athletes and soldiers
    5. Nano-medic: Creates very small implants for health monitoring and self-medication
    6. Vertical farmer: Farms crops upwards rather than across flat fields to save space
    7. Waste data handler: Disposes of your data waste in a responsible way
    8. Climate controller: Manages and modifies weather patterns
    9. Avatar manager: Designs and manages holograms of virtual people
    10. Memory augmentation surgeon: Helps preserve and improve memory in an ageing population
    11. Time broker: Handles time banked by customers in lieu of money for goods or services
    12. Personal branding manager: Develops and manages your personal brand
    13. Child designer: Designs offspring that fit parental requirements
    14. Omnipotence delimiter: Reins in our belief that anything is possible and we are all-powerful
    15. Personal medical apothecary: Provides a bespoke range alternative therapies.
    16. Haptic programmer: Develops technology around the science of touch, such as gloves that make your hand feel warm, or wrapped in velvet.
    Where do you see your career in the 2020s? Let OneShift know! - The OneShift Blog
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    self-confidence Photo Credit: It's quite obvious that successful people are generally of the confident and charming variety. The problem with many of us is that all too often, we let our insecurities (and we all have them) get the better of us and we shy away from opportunities. It has been proven that people can sense levels of confidence from the moment someone steps into the room. How? The way  you stand, walk and even sit is one of the major tell-tailing signs that you're a confident, go-getting individual. Good posture means that your body is aligned correctly and all body parts are well-supported. Not only does body language affect how other people you, but how you see yourself.  Amy Cuddy's studies show that 'power posing'? '“ standing in a posture of confidence, even when you don't feel confident '“ affects the level of testosterone and cortisol in your brain, making you feel better about yourself. Her research concludes that changing your body positions does too influence how others see you and even alters your body chemistry. Power Posing before an interview '“ or before any event where you are in need of a confidence boost '“ will improve how you feel and appear to others. But what if you have bad posture? Here are ten tips to help improve and maintain your stance:
    • When sitting, relax your shoulders and keep your forearms parallel to the ground
    • When sitting, keep your feet on the floor or on a footrest if they don't reach the floor
    • When working at the computer, make sure that your screen, desk and keyboard are properly aligned
    • When driving, adjust the seat forward so your knees are slightly higher than your hips and place a small cushion behind the lower part of your back
    • Get up and move around, change positions frequently
    • When standing, keep the majority of your weight on the balls of your feet and make sure your knees are slightly bent. Keep your feet about shoulder-width apart.
    • When standing, pull your shoulders back and tuck your tummy in and make sure your head is kept in a level position.
    • When lying, avoid sleeping on your stomach and sleep with a pillow.
    • When lying, sleep on your side with your knees slightly bent.
    • When lifting, let your legs do the work and bend from the knees, down to the object. Don't bend your back down towards the object
    Let OneShift know what you think about posture and confidence!
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    logo Accelerates OneShift's dominance in online employee/ employer matching

    2 October 2013 '“ Sydney '“ Online job matching platform OneShift has entered into an equity partnership with Programmed, one of Australia's leading providers of staffing, maintenance and facility management services. Programmed has acquired a 27.5% equity stake and intends to market the capability of OneShift to many of its customers. The new partnership will capitalise on OneShift's rapidly growing user base and Programmed's presence in key metropolitan and regional areas across Australia and New Zealand OneShift, a website that pairs those seeking more flexible work with the businesses that need them for short periods of time, has enjoyed rapid growth since its inception fourteen months ago. OneShift has attracted almost 230,000 users to a site which was created from the frustration at the lack of shift work sites the founder experienced when on a working holiday in Europe last year. Commenting on the alliance 22 year old Founder and Chief Executive Officer of OneShift, Genevieve George, says: 'This partnership will drive further structural change across the recruitment industry, combining our strength in the on-line job matching space with Programmed's decades of experience and industry knowledge.'? Miss George continues: 'The OneShift technology allows businesses to match suitable candidates with jobs they have available. By just entering a few details on the website our automated search matches businesses up with people instantly and inexpensively. Our fastest match to date was a job posted for a barista where a suitable candidate was working 27 minutes after the job was entered on the OneShift site.'? ## Media Contact: OneShift HQ e. p. 02 8235 2305 About OneShift OneShift is a network that matches employees and employers to short term work including one off shifts, casual work or permanent part time employment. It is free to join and to review job seeker matches, and just $10 to get into contact with the employee of the business' choice. Led by Genevieve George, OneShift started as a venture to match working holiday candidates to employers in tourism hotspots and has expanded to a full range of industries including retail, construction, beauty services and healthcare among others.