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Happy Halloween!


Top 8 Sydney Events To Celebrate Halloween!


Want to end your horror working week with a drink in hand at a good ole’ fashioned dress-up party? You’re only human.


Plus, I’ve got you covered! Grab out your fake blood, make-up kits, and your most gruesome Halloween costumes and make your way down to Sydney. There is Halloween themed drinks, prizes for best-dressed, haunted houses and loud music. Happy Halloween!


1. Halloween At The Argyle


Best Halloween Parties in Sydney! 


Apparently one night of Halloween parties just wasn’t enough for the Argyle! They are the host of two haunted-house parties over Friday and Saturday night. Friday night will be corporate friendly for all those peeps that want to head straight after work, while Saturday is extremely encouraging of a Halloween dress-up! Both nights will feature freak entertainers, stilt walkers, face painters, drink tasting stations, fire breathers and more! Umm..that actually sounds awesome.



18 Argyle St, The Rocks 2000




2. Halloween International – A New Beginning – The Ivy


Best Halloween Parties in Sydney!


 What?! Over $10,000 in prizes and giveaways to be won including for best dressed? Ok. Where do I sign up?


This concept party takes you “around the world” to various countries for interactive fun + games & prizes, then culminates in a massive costume bash with 4 separate DJ areas all night. Network Canada always throws in a few extra fun surprises so be prepared for an amazing experience with a really fun crowd, from all corners of the planet.



The Ivy, 330 George St, Sydney


31.10.14, 7pm


3. The Halloween Swim Club at The Cliff Dive


Best Halloween Parties in Sydney 


Plenty of DJ’s to play to your hearts content against a backdrop of ghoulish projections!



16-18 Oxford Square, Darlinghurst 2010




4. Kings Cross Hotel – Live Haunted House


Best Halloween Parties in Sydney


Ok, this is a real Halloween party. A four level live walk-through Haunted House filled with terrifying actors, 3D ghost projections and…you won’t see me there. No way, no thank you.


Then on the other hand…there Halloween themed drink specials and a roof-top partay! Ok. That sounds better.



Kings Cross Hotel, 244-248 Williams St, Sydney 


31.10.14, 8pm


5. Chinese Laundry – Halloween KLParty Ft KLP & Slumberjack


Best Halloween Parties in Sydney


Dress up is a must for this spooky Halloween themed party!



1 Slip St (Underneath Slip Inn, 111 Sussex St), Sydney


31.10.14, 9pm


6. Sydney Zombie Walk


Best Halloween Parties in Sydney


The Sydney Zombie Walk is an annual event that drags thousands out of their homes onto the streets of Sydney in their best Zombie costumes and all in the name of awareness for Australia’s Bran Foundation! Great fun, great cause. And it’s for all ages!



Hyde Park, Elizabeth St, Sydney 2000


01.11.14, 3pm


7. Halloscream – Luna Park


Best Halloween Parties in Sydney


There is a bunch of entertainment happening at Luna Park in light of Halloween this year! They are hosting a Halloscream Spooktacular Parade, a make-up & photo booth to get your own Halloween make-up done (awesome), and a kid-friendly trick or treat trail through the park. Plus there are prizes for Best Dressed! Plus heaps, heaps more. Check out the link for all the details.



Luna Park, 1 Olympic Drive, Milsons Point


31.10.14 – 01.11.14


8. Halloween Cruise VIII


Best Halloween Parties in Sydney


Rule: no outfit, no entry.


It’s a 4-hour cruise around Sydney Harbour with some awesome resident DJ’s and over $1,000 in prized for best Halloween costumes! Not too shabby.



King St Wharf, Pier 26


01.11.14. Leaves 7pm, drops you back at Pier 1 at 11pm




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5 Epic Ways To Quit Your Job!


Some people dream about all the incredible ways they could quit their jobs, others put those dreams into reality.


Warning: It is not advisable to use any of the following methods to quit your job.


5 Epic Ways To Quit Your Job 


1. Steve Harvey Show

Ah, my personal favourite. How could you ever get mad at a musical number like this one? That was rhetorical, obviously you can’t.



2. Reporting Live


Oh how I enjoy watching awkward situations unfold that I have absolutely no involvement in.



 3. Ice, Ice Baby


This guy created his own dance routine! I like his commitment.



4. Interpretive Dance


This is possibly the most famous of all public resignations, and for good reason too! If you haven’t seen it yet, feast your eyes!




4b) Boss Replies


Oh yeah, and then her boss replied to her…and the world. And it is not disappointing.



 5. Marching Band


This guy seriously hated his job. He brought his marching band friends along to help him quit his job. He boss was utterly not impressed.




 Are you thinking of quitting your job? First of all, make sure it's the right decision.


Second of all, you can start looking now!


Jobs in Sydney

Jobs In Melbourne

Jobs In Brisbane


Or you can browse all of our jobs: Jobs in Australia


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Hump Day


Hump Day, as defined by Urban Dictionary:


The middle of the working week (Wednesday); used in the context of climbing a proverbial hill to get through a tough week.


Also according to the respected source (ahem), every other day of the week can be defined by hump day.


Tuesday is the day before hump day; Thursday is one day after hump day. Except Friday is WOOH! FREEDEOM! Day, Saturday is Mostly Hung-over Day & Sunday is of course Pre-Doom Day (Monday being Doom Day…duh).


Ok, so we get it. Hump Day is the metaphorical “hump” in the week. The icon of this glorious day is the camel, naturally. Thanks to every meme on the Internet ever. An American insurance company also decided to jump on the Hump Day bandwagon and create an ad based around this day…genius.



Anyway. I’m getting side-tracked. My entire point here is that we have found a whole new meaning for Hump Day! Having a quick squiz through some of our OneShift data, it would seem that Wednesday also happens to be the most popular day to apply for jobs! And look, it literally creates a little "hump" on Wednesdays! O - M - G.


Hump Day: OneShift Statistics



So what’s with Wednesdays?


Personally, I would have assumed Monday (Doom Day) would be the day to apply for jobs. You’re melodramatic about the end of yet another glorious weekend, you’re angry that you have to return to the boring existence of your horrible job (I’m just assuming since you’re applying for a new one) so you get on OneShift and all system’s go! Makes sense.


But, no. Hump Day is the day.


Why is that? That’s the question I’m posing to you – the job seeker.


Are you looking for work on a Wednesday? Why?


This is no rhetorical answer silly business. I want answers people. Real words. I need meaning to all of this! You can either comment below or send us a message on Facebook! Don’t be shy. Talk to me!


On another note...since today is Hump Day, perhaps you are looking for a new job? (See what I did there)


Casual jobs in Sydney


Casual jobs in Melbourne

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The Most Livable City In The World!


The 10 most liveable countries have been announced for 2014!

24/7 Wall St. has reviewed the most liveable countries based on the recent release of the Human Development Index (HDI) by the United Nations Development Programme.


I’m sorry, what?


Basically, the ten most liveable countries are decided by three factors. Having a long and healthy life, being knowledgeable, and having a good standard of living.



HDI: Human Development Index (overall score)

Gross national income per capita: average income per person, before tax

Life expectancy: how long individuals are expected to live in that country from birth

Expected years of schooling: If you can’t work this one out, maybe go back for a few years of study.

10 Most Liveable Countries In The World


1. Norway


HDI: 0.944

Gross national income per capita: $63, 909

Life expectancy: 81.5 years

Expected years of schooling: 17.6 years


2. Australia


HDI: 0.933

Gross national income per capita: $41,524

Life expectancy: 82.5 years

Expected years of schooling: 19.9 years


3. Switzerland


HDI: 0.917

Gross national income per capita: $53,762

Life expectancy: 82.6 years

Expected years of schooling: 15.7 years


4. The Netherlands


HDI: 0.915

Gross national income per capita: $42, 397

Life expectancy: 81.0 years

Expected years of schooling: 17.9 years


5. The United States


HDI: 0.914

Gross national income per capita: $52, 308

Life expectancy: 78.9 years

Expected years of schooling: 16.5 years


6. Germany


HDI: 0.911

Gross national income per capita: $43,049

Life expectancy: 80.7 years

Expected years of schooling: 16.3 years


7. New Zealand


HDI: 0.910

Gross national income per capita: $32,569

Life expectancy: 81.1 years

Expected years of schooling: 19.4 years


8. Canada


HDI: 0.902

Gross national income per capita: $72,371

Life expectancy: 82.3 years

Expected years of schooling: 15.4 years


9. Singapore


HDI: 0.901

Gross national income per capita: $72,371

Life expectancy: 82.3 years

Expected years of schooling: 15.4 years


10. Denmark


HDI: 0.900

Gross national income per capita: $42,880

Life expectancy: 79.4 years

Expected years of schooling: 16.9 years 



Looking for work in Sydney? Check out OneShift's Sydney jobs!



Photo: Tumblr



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Job interviews are scary. Even if you’ve done your research and you’re perfect for the job, there’s always that aspect of uncertainty and nervousness that we just can’t seem to shake. The question we’re talking about today is: can you fake it until you make it?


I know what you’re thinking: what exactly are we faking here? Don’t worry, it’s coming.


Amy Cuddy is a social psychologist and she’s got a trick up her sleeve just for you (if you’re impatient, go to 10.00 in the video). She’s interested in how body language can change how other people perceive us, as well as how it can change how we perceive ourselves.


If you fake your own power and confidence by changing your body language, will you eventually become powerful and confident?


Amy Cuddy’s Ted Talk will not only make you think more about your body language and how it affects you in intimidating situations such as a job interview, it will change the way you approach it.


If you can’t be bothered to sit through a 20 minute video (which you should take the time for because it’s actually incredible), Cuddy suggests a simple two minute exercise to complete before entering into any stressful situation.


Complete these steps right before your situation:


Step One: Stand in a powerful pose (i.e. the “Superman”). It could be hands on hips, standing tall, chin up. It could be sitting back in a chair with your hands behind your head.


Step Two: Do this for two minutes.




Don’t believe me? Don’t argue with science. 


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Real Excuses For Being Late To Work: OneShift Staff



This morning I was ten minutes late for work. My excuse? I was trapped in the elevator in my apartment building. This is no joke. I stepped into the elevator (as per usual), the doors closed and I pressed “Ground Floor”. Nothing happened. I pressed it harder this time. Nothing. After a few goes of this with no movement, I began to panic and press every single button my elevator has to offer me. And still…zip.


I was lucky to be stuck on the top floor, allowing me one small bar of phone reception to call my brother (or as I now refer to him as my “rescuer”).


As I began my routine walk to work, one of my first thoughts was what if no one at work believes me? What if they think I made it up? It got me thinking. There must be some ridiculous excuses to be late for work that are actually real. So I took a stroll around the OneShift office to find out if anything weird had happened to my colleagues to make them late for work. Here are my published findings.


Real Excuses Why Our Staff Have Been Late To Work:


1. When my daughter was two years old, she had a habit of locking people out of our house. One morning when I was leaving for work, my wife came out to say goodbye. Needless to say, she rang me a few minutes after I had left saying she had been locked out and our daughter was sitting in the living room watching Dora the Explorer.


2. I was sleeping in a super noisy hotel one night (hadn’t quite found a place to live yet), and so I was wearing earplugs to get to sleep. Usually they fall out during the night, but I had woken up in the early hours and put them back in due to the noise. When my alarm went off in the morning, I didn’t hear it. Ended up being two hours late for work! A lovely sleep in.


3. Once I was coming earlier to work after a few days of getting into work late (bus delays). That morning when I thought I was doing well, a police officer stopped me on my way to give me a fee for crossing the street a few seconds before the light turned green for pedestrians! I arrived late and furious.


4. When I was living in London, our bus was severely delayed because a man pulled out a knife on the bus! Luckily, we had a police car behind us!


5. I remember one morning I was dreaming that I was at work and when I eventually woke, I had slept through my alarm and was late for work! Oh, the irony.



Do you enjoy your sleep-ins? You might enjoy this article: Best Job In The World? Getting Paid To Sleep!


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2015: The Year Of The Hoverboard?


Next year is the year. The year claimed by ‘Back To The Future’ to have flying cars and more importantly…hoverboards. Well, all I can say is, well done Director Robert Zemeckis, well done. You weren’t too far from reality!


Hendo, a company created by a California couple, have introduced the world’s first hoverboard! And it's still only 2014!


Ok, so the hoverboard can only float over a metal surface. And ok, the battery life is pretty terrible. And all for only $10, 000! An absolute bargain! Sarcasm aside, how cool would it be to ride a hoverboard to work?!


I gather this new concept has received a bit of criticism because there have been so many other prototypes in the past that have failed to follow through with the goods. And even though this is far from perfect, it’s an awesome start! Give it a few years. Then i'll consider splashing out the cash.


One of my favourite parts is that, despite all the setbacks, they’ve gone ahead and already designed a hoverboard park!


Hendo Hoverboard Park

Source: KickStarter


Side note:


Every time I think of hoverboards, I think of this song. Seth Sentry is an Aussie hip-hop artist (and a personal favourite of mine) and this song could not be more relevant for this article. So do yourself a favour…



Seriously, though guys. Hoverboards. It's a thing. The world is finally catching up with all those futuristic movies with flying cars and crazy technology! Well, sort of.


If you want the more specific scientific details behind this breakthrough (incase my depiction wasn't informative if), check out this IFL Science article.

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 Lonely Planet Top 5 Regions to Visit in 2015: Gallipoli



Lonely Planet's Top 5 Regions To Travel 2015!


Each of these places have something exciting in store for 2015 that will make them sore to the top of your travel list for next year! Get your hiking boots out, these regions aren't your average travel destinations.


1. Gallipoli 


This peninsula of Turkey is famous in Australia and New Zealand for it’s role in the First World War. 2015 will be the 100th anniversary of ANZAC (Australian and New Zealand Army Corps) troops landing in Gallipoli, which will no doubt see thousands flock to the peninsula during April of next year. 


Source: CrackTwo


2. Rocky Mountain National Park


Lonely Planet Top 5 Regions to visit in 2015: Rocky Mountain National Park

 Source: Wallpapertoon


In 2015, the Rocky Mountain National Park is also celebrating it’s Centennial. The 415 square miles is situated in Colorado, USA. It encompasses an incredible mountain range, beautiful lakes and 355 miles of hiking trails. Not to mention the glorious flora and fauna! To celebrate it’s 100-year birthday, 2015 will be an incredible year to visit the National Park with concerts, parades, and exhibitions to be expected.


3. Toledo


Lonely Planet's Top 5 Regions To Visit in 2015: Toledo

 Source: NationalGeographic


Toledo is a district in Belize known for its adventure travel. Filled with rainforests, rivers, mountain ranges and caves, this is a top spot for those looking for something different. Once a small area different to get to, a new road currently in the making will change all that. It will connect Toledo’s small villages with Guatemala and the world.


4. Tasmania


Lonely Planet's Top 5 Regions To Visit in 2015: Tasmania

 Source: JarrodCastaing


Woohoo! Australia made the list! And what a great pick, lonely planet! Tasmania is often forgotten about, but what a beautiful part of the world it is. Next year will see the walking adventures of Tasmania grow even more, with 35km of redeveloped walking track linking Denmans Cove with Cape Hauy. Ok so that doesn’t sound very exciting, but apparently it’s one of the largest projects of its kind!


5. Arctic Norway


Lonely Planet's Top 5 Regions to Visit in 2015: Arctic Norway

 Source: ArcticLightPhoto


Known for the incredible Northern Lights, but this isn’t why it’s made the list. March 2015 will see all light completely disappear for a few minutes when the moon blocks out the sun.



Looking to travel on a budget? Check out our Top 6 Destinations for Students!

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Questions You Should Ask In Your Job Interview

Image: Tumblr


I’ve said it before; I’ll say it again. A job interview is a two way street. You are not there to be harassed with terrifying questions. You are there so the company as well as yourself can see how well you would fit the role. While you should be trying to impress your potential future employer, you also need to suss out whether this position is suited to you.


P.S. When an interviewer asks “do you have any questions for me?” that’s secret business language for “ok, your turn” so have something prepared. And never say no.


10 Questions You Should Ask In Your Job Interview


1. What is a typical day like in this position?


2. How will you measure success in my role (i.e. responsibilities, targets etc.)?


3. Is there any room for advancement in this position?


4. Where have successful people in this position progressed to in the past?


5. What type of training is available for the position?


6. What is the company culture like (do you eat lunch together, what is the dress code, is there a strict management structure etc.)?


7. What is the expected salary for this position?


8. What are the average office hours?


9. What are the next steps for the interview process?


10. When will the final decision be made?





Don’t ask questions that you:


a)    Should know the answer to

b)   Could have answered yourself with a simple Google search


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The Bachelor Drama Continues: Blake and Louise


Here I was thinking The Bachelor ended a few weeks ago, but it seems it’s only just getting started. Thanks go to Mr. & Mrs. Sleaze Bag (Blake & Louise) for continuing our journey into a pit of tragic despair. 


Blake is still switching from lover to lover (or from fiancé to new girlfriend), girls are still crying, and it seems the audience is getting bigger for this never ending post-show drama.


Apparently Blake and Louise have done an exclusive interview with Woman’s Day, where they reveal their “official love story”. This issue is set to come out TODAY.


Cue gasp.


Not all is well in paradise, however (dun dun dunnn). Basically the entire country hates this couple.


Some people’s hatred stems from the fact that Blake proposed to one blonde lady friend in the finale while in less than 24 hours, he was declaring his love for another blonde whom he himself kicked off the show in the previous episode. Did he get confused? Did he think they were the same person? No turning back now.


The Bachelor Australia: Blake and Louise Exclusive Interview


Other’s hatred (including my own) is due to the fact that Blake (and no doubt Channel 10) continues to drag us innocents into their extremely fake and extremely public love life. Don’t they realise that the only reason we allow this to happen is because it makes us feel a whole lot better about our own lives?


Then again, we must remind ourselves that they have sold their love story to Woman’s Day for a mere $50,000, reports Sydney Confidential. Well played, Sir. Well played.


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    "From go to whoah! Less than a year old and more than 117,000 members. A local startup story" "At 22 years old Gen George has already built a remarkable business. In June 2012 George launched her startup OneShift '“ a play in the casual and part-time work space. In less than a year, there are more than 117,000 registered members who are looking for work. But, more remarkable is the fact that there are several thousand registered employers looking for staff. It's a business that looks to set to shakeup the recruitment space. The OneShift business model is simple '“ put people looking for casual work in touch with companies looking for casual employees. Gone are the long contracts for advertising available roles. Gone are excessive advertising costs that the major job listing sites charge. OneShift is changing the online recruitment landscape. In this podcast hear about how George took this business from an idea she had while travelling, to pitching to family to raise the initial funds, to securing leading industry mentors '“ ones who understand how to revolutionise a stagnant market."
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    Talking money is an interesting topic. We all need it and we all want more of it. But many employees feel too awkward to ask their employers for a pay rise. Why? Too often it's a matter of the on-going commitment, they think, is required to a business or company once a pay rise has been granted. Many employees believe that if they ask for a pay rise, then they're forced to 'stay-on' and do their time in order to prove that the rise wasn't a waste. Other employees are intimidated by the outcome of asking for a pay rise. However, most managers are too busy doing their own work to note down all of your achievements. To get a pay rise, be your own best advocate and document why you deserve one. Your boss will need to justify your pay rise to his/her boss so documented reasons will make this easier. So what's the best approach to ask for a pay rise? #1 Rule: Know what makes you worthy or deserving for a pay rise. Are you working additional hours? Are you doing tasks which were not originally outlined in your job description? Have you brought new ideas or initiatives to a business which have substantially helped the growth of the company? Before you approach your boss, it's important to have a list with concrete examples of how you have helped the business and gone beyond your initial 'calls' of duty. Demonstrate the value you have to the company and find out why you would be difficult to replace based on the strength of the current employee market. When should the rate of pay go up? Pay rates can go up: - When you get a promotion - When a junior employee turns a year older or becomes an adult (this means 18-21 years, depending on the award, agreement or industry sector) - When you shift from one year of your apprenticeship to the next - On the anniversary of your employment (12 months) when you are under a federal award or agreement - When a pay rise is awarded by Fair Work Australia - When an employment agreement says you should get one #2 Rule: Another crucial step in preparing your pay-rise pitch is finding out more details surrounding the pay-review process at your particular organization. Some employers review the pay structure of their employees on the anniversary of the employee joining the company, others work on the 'don't ask, don't get' system and require a more proactive approach on behalf of the employee to ask for a pay rise. Most businesses create budgets around a financial year which include allocating funds for new staff and pay rises for the additional staff. You can ask what the process is and flag that you will be preparing a written request for a pay review. #3 Rule: Don't ambush your boss. Send him/her an email outlining why you would like to meet up before a time and date is arranged. Pitch to them why you think you are deserving of a pay rise (generally). This means that on the day of the meeting, they will have a response and a more accurate idea of what the business can offer you. #4 Rule: On the day of the meeting, look professional and dress appropriately. When asking for a pay rise, give the reasons why you are deserving of one first, your value to the company and then state what you would like to be paid. Don't mention your personal situation or the reasons behind why you may need more money. More importantly, don't beg, plead or become aggressive. #5 Rule: Be prepared for a 'no'. Sometimes a business is simply unable to offer a pay rise. In this instance, come prepared. Bring a list of courses you'd like to do as an alternative to a pay rise. This shows your willingness for self-improvement and interest in contributing to the productivity of the company no matter what. Also ask the employer's permission to ask again for a rise in three months time. #6 Rule: If your employer states an outright 'no' and doesn't even recognize your achievements or worth to the business say 'that's OK' and begin looking elsewhere. Note: Not getting a pay rise that you are entitled to means that you have been underpaid. If this is the case, contact your union or use the Fair Work Ombudsman  for assistance. Image Image source:  
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    Image Photo Credit: As baby boomers start to enter their 60s and are facing retirement, we begin to wonder what will come next for the job market. We know that many of the jobs they currently hold are becoming outdated and are being replaced with new skills that require additional training. Over the next ten years, we're likely to see some major changes in the way people work, but even more so, we're probably going to see a difference in the qualities and requirements for all jobs. Perhaps many of the jobs we're thinking of don't even exist yet. Analysts from the U.S. Bureau of Labour Statistics have predicted that the healthcare and financial services sectors are most likely to flourish over the next ten years and that jobs within these industries are also most likely to increase. According to futurologist James Bellini, this means the creation of roles such as 'elderly well-being consultant' because an older population will need different health care. But he also mentioned the prospect of new positions in the field of farming and agriculture, such as 'vertical farmers', who would be farming crops upwards, not across to save space, as food resources are becoming scarce. Author of You Tomorrow and fellow futurologist Ian Pearson predicts growth in augmented reality where the real world is overlaid with computer-generated images. In other words, many of the changes we are seeing today will create the need for jobs to materialise very quickly. So here are some job titles you might want to look out for in the next ten years, as listed by Britain's Telegraph newspaper:
    1. Digital architect: Designs a selection of virtual buildings for advertisers and retailers to market their products
    2. Home carer: Helps care for elderly people in their own homes
    3. Elderly well-being consultant: Specialises in holistic and personalised care for the elderly
    4. Body part maker: Creates living body parts for athletes and soldiers
    5. Nano-medic: Creates very small implants for health monitoring and self-medication
    6. Vertical farmer: Farms crops upwards rather than across flat fields to save space
    7. Waste data handler: Disposes of your data waste in a responsible way
    8. Climate controller: Manages and modifies weather patterns
    9. Avatar manager: Designs and manages holograms of virtual people
    10. Memory augmentation surgeon: Helps preserve and improve memory in an ageing population
    11. Time broker: Handles time banked by customers in lieu of money for goods or services
    12. Personal branding manager: Develops and manages your personal brand
    13. Child designer: Designs offspring that fit parental requirements
    14. Omnipotence delimiter: Reins in our belief that anything is possible and we are all-powerful
    15. Personal medical apothecary: Provides a bespoke range alternative therapies.
    16. Haptic programmer: Develops technology around the science of touch, such as gloves that make your hand feel warm, or wrapped in velvet.
    Where do you see your career in the 2020s? Let OneShift know! - The OneShift Blog
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    self-confidence Photo Credit: It's quite obvious that successful people are generally of the confident and charming variety. The problem with many of us is that all too often, we let our insecurities (and we all have them) get the better of us and we shy away from opportunities. It has been proven that people can sense levels of confidence from the moment someone steps into the room. How? The way  you stand, walk and even sit is one of the major tell-tailing signs that you're a confident, go-getting individual. Good posture means that your body is aligned correctly and all body parts are well-supported. Not only does body language affect how other people you, but how you see yourself.  Amy Cuddy's studies show that 'power posing'? '“ standing in a posture of confidence, even when you don't feel confident '“ affects the level of testosterone and cortisol in your brain, making you feel better about yourself. Her research concludes that changing your body positions does too influence how others see you and even alters your body chemistry. Power Posing before an interview '“ or before any event where you are in need of a confidence boost '“ will improve how you feel and appear to others. But what if you have bad posture? Here are ten tips to help improve and maintain your stance:
    • When sitting, relax your shoulders and keep your forearms parallel to the ground
    • When sitting, keep your feet on the floor or on a footrest if they don't reach the floor
    • When working at the computer, make sure that your screen, desk and keyboard are properly aligned
    • When driving, adjust the seat forward so your knees are slightly higher than your hips and place a small cushion behind the lower part of your back
    • Get up and move around, change positions frequently
    • When standing, keep the majority of your weight on the balls of your feet and make sure your knees are slightly bent. Keep your feet about shoulder-width apart.
    • When standing, pull your shoulders back and tuck your tummy in and make sure your head is kept in a level position.
    • When lying, avoid sleeping on your stomach and sleep with a pillow.
    • When lying, sleep on your side with your knees slightly bent.
    • When lifting, let your legs do the work and bend from the knees, down to the object. Don't bend your back down towards the object
    Let OneShift know what you think about posture and confidence!
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    2 October 2013 '“ Sydney '“ Online job matching platform OneShift has entered into an equity partnership with Programmed, one of Australia's leading providers of staffing, maintenance and facility management services. Programmed has acquired a 27.5% equity stake and intends to market the capability of OneShift to many of its customers. The new partnership will capitalise on OneShift's rapidly growing user base and Programmed's presence in key metropolitan and regional areas across Australia and New Zealand OneShift, a website that pairs those seeking more flexible work with the businesses that need them for short periods of time, has enjoyed rapid growth since its inception fourteen months ago. OneShift has attracted almost 230,000 users to a site which was created from the frustration at the lack of shift work sites the founder experienced when on a working holiday in Europe last year. Commenting on the alliance 22 year old Founder and Chief Executive Officer of OneShift, Genevieve George, says: 'This partnership will drive further structural change across the recruitment industry, combining our strength in the on-line job matching space with Programmed's decades of experience and industry knowledge.'? Miss George continues: 'The OneShift technology allows businesses to match suitable candidates with jobs they have available. By just entering a few details on the website our automated search matches businesses up with people instantly and inexpensively. Our fastest match to date was a job posted for a barista where a suitable candidate was working 27 minutes after the job was entered on the OneShift site.'? ## Media Contact: OneShift HQ e. p. 02 8235 2305 About OneShift OneShift is a network that matches employees and employers to short term work including one off shifts, casual work or permanent part time employment. It is free to join and to review job seeker matches, and just $10 to get into contact with the employee of the business' choice. Led by Genevieve George, OneShift started as a venture to match working holiday candidates to employers in tourism hotspots and has expanded to a full range of industries including retail, construction, beauty services and healthcare among others.