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It has recently come to my attention that those in high society (you know, politicians, royalty, all the people with the power) employ others to be, well, their guinea pigs.


The Independent UK has reported that Vladimir Putin, the Russian President, has employed a full-time food taster. Of course, with the recent tragedy surrounding the Malaysian airline disaster in the Ukraine, Russia is facing blame from every direction. So fair enough if the guy wants to hire someone to make sure his food isn’t filled with poison? He’s got good reason.


Apparently this role isn’t a new job, in fact, it’s a position that has been employed for literally centuries by those in power. The job is seen to date back to the Ancient Egyptians, where not everyone was reliable for the job. His taster presumably murdered Roman Emperor, Claudius, in A.D. 54 through poisoned food…the job isn’t for everyone (


It was even revealed just last year that President Obama was unable to eat his meal with other politicians, as his personal taster was not present. I admire him for his power of resistance!


This made me think back to a few weeks ago when President Obama was on the receiving end of ricin laced letters. I guess food isn’t the only tactic of attempting to get to those with the highest security! The Guardian wrote that it was in fact an American actress who had minor roles in the Walking Dead who sent the letters; she has since been sentenced to 18 years in gaol (never can trust those creative types). Apparently she was trying to frame her now ex-husband…sometimes we should just stick to our day jobs.


So…looking for an interesting part time job? Well, food tasting could be for you!


Skills? Enjoying food. Using cutlery. Chewing.


Draw Backs? Potential death.

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DeAura Beauty has made it’s way from Europe all the way to Sussex Street, Sydney. Speciailising in hair & facial treatments, DeAura aspires to delay the ageing process and rejuvenate the skin. I went and had a chat with the lovely ladies and gents down at the luxury beauty salon and even had a little facial of my own (did I mention that it contains 24 carat gold?)!


  1.      What kind of services do you offer?


We are very customer orientated, we don’t believe in one off treatments, as they don’t provide the skin care that you need to make a long-term difference. We are primarily concerned with hair and face at the moment since we are new, and our 12-month memberships include a step-by-step process that seeks to rejuvenate your skin. There are twelve treatments that we offer for our members including the 24 carat gold facial, microdermabrasion and a relaxing body massage to name a few.




  1.      You offer a 24 carat gold facial, tell us a little bit more about that…


Yes, it’s definitely our most popular treatment! Our 24 carat gold facial is a process of 10 different products, all containing gold. There are many benefits to the facial such as oxygenating the skin, it slows down the ageing process as well as helps the blood flow through the skin. One of our scrubs within the facial is actually called the “Cleopatra Mask” as she was said to rub gold on her face to rejuvenate her skin.




  1.      You have only been in Australia about a month and decided to hire through OneShift – how many people have you hired with us?


Approximately 20, give or take a few.



  1.      Have you been happy with the response you have received for your job ads?


Yes! Our job ads gained a lot of traction and the people that were matched with our jobs were of a very high quality. We’ve been pleased with those that we’ve hired through OneShift so far!



  1.      Would you recommend it to others?


Yes, absolutely!


  1.      What advice do you give to those who are trying to find work?


When looking for possible candidates, I look for excellent motivation to work rather than the details on their resume. Of course skills are important, but personality is key when working in a customer-based business.


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I’m not the first one to tell you that the constant surge in technology is changing the way in which we live our lives. Whether it’s working your part time job on a computer, organizing yourself through the calendar in your phone, or even listening to music in the car via Bluetooth. It’s always changing and we have to keep up. That includes our careers. Yes, there will be many jobs that will become extinct over the coming decades but don’t forget that change will also allow for many new jobs to be created. So be prepared, be versatile & be ready.



DVD Rental Businesses


Working part time in a DVD rental shop? You might want to think about going into hospitality instead; people will always need a drink!


Travel Agent


If you’re planning a holiday, the last thing you want is to be paying someone for a job you could be doing, especially if you are a part time worker! No, you are online looking for the best deal you can find and getting lost in the magic that is travel. Granted, some of my friends still book through agents when travelling to slightly dangerous places but all in all, yet again, the Internet has eaten this job up.




You’ve already seen the self-service check outs at your supermarket…no doubt they are just the beginning of technology taking over the role of cashier.


Print Journalism


News is online and it’s constantly updated there. No wonder less and less people are buying newspapers! And I really do think it’s a shame, there’s nothing better than sitting down at a café with a coffee and a paper!


Postman Pat


It will be a sad day when snail mail no longer exists! Who doesn’t love opening up their mailbox and receiving a hand written letter or even a parcel (forget the bills – no thanks)? I would have thought with the recent popularity of Internet shopping that the old school postal service would have been gaining some traction. However, the Australian government is considering bringing in a new mail system by as early as this year where mail will only be delivered 3 days a week. Sorry Pat, you’re role is coming to an end.

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Gen Y club culture has us not daring to enter a bar before 11pm and feeling the pressure to stay until the wee hours of the morning, some even venturing through the night and putting heads to pillows while others wake for work. Is this something that we enjoy? I know I constantly ask myself this question. We force ourselves energy drinks through the night just to keep ourselves awake, while knowing the next day will be spent in bed craving food covered in grease.


So how do we fix it? With the latest fad of veggie juices and yoga classes sweeping the world, this London-based event could revolutionise the very concept of clubbing. Swap getting home at 6.30am for waking up ready to rave! With live DJ’s, yoga classes, massage areas & health juice bars – Morning Gloryville is arriving in Sydney next week! Kicking off on Wednesday 23rd July at 6.30am in Paddington, Morning Gloryville aims to promote an active style.


This could be a great opportunity for those that are actually working part time in hospitality and are constantly missing out on the weekend partying action. Or if you just genuinely hate spending your Sundays hung over, this could be the alternative!


Whether you’re working casual, part time or even full time – this event is aimed for pre-work scheduling. Work to live, not live to work!


Don’t believe me? Check it out:



What do you think of pre-work clubbing, could this be the new thing? Comment below or tell us on Facebook: OneShiftJobs!

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Mixing business with pleasure can be a fine balance & many people won’t shy away from telling you it’s a terrible idea. And sometimes…they’re right. Not always, just sometimes. In fact, I think you’ll be just as surprised as I was to learn the names of some huuugggge companies that began with a beautiful friendship...


Success Stories 


Ben & Jerry’s


The much-loved ice-cream company was the baby of two best mates who bonded over being the chubbiest kids in gym class. Well, they had the last laugh. In 2000, they sold their company for $326 million!


Sass & Bide


The Sydney based fashion designers Heidi and Sarah-Jane began their label in 1999 and have now made the decision to leave (this month, actually!). In 2011, they sold 65% of the brand to Myer for over $42 million!




Three friends founded this mammoth company that is now ingrained in everyday life. The third friend, however, made an expensive mistake by backing out of the company on the 12th day, selling his shares for $800. Whoops.


The remaining friends, Steve Jobs & Steve Wozniak continued. Just last year, Apple posted revenue of $157 billion. I’m still feeling sorry for the guy who left after 12 days, so much regret…


Info found:


Quick Tips:


When you go into business with a friend, it’s important to realise that it won’t be a part time job. The friendship will become full time as will the business.


So if you’re considering entering into a business deal with a friend, there are many things to consider. Here are a quick 3 things to take into mind before even considering venturing into this relationship:


  1.      I do

Business is said to be like a marriage. You will be spending all your time with this person. Will you be able to make it through sickness and health? There will be ups and downs along the way, make sure it’s someone who you are able to go through these turmoil’s with.


  1.      Complement Each Other

This isn’t an “I’m being serious, that pant suit looks really great on you”. You should have skills and assets that differ from each other and will complement you both as partners. If one person is lacking in a major asset such as sales, then the other should be able to make up for it.


  1.      Sharing is Caring

You need to share the same goals and opinions in order to achieve them. 



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“Find something you love and you’ll never have to work a day in your life” – This is what inspires us each day & something we hope to make a reality for all that join us at OneShift.

Well, now you’ve met the man who has really done it. Ben Southall has turned his love of adventure into the ultimate career! By now, you’ve read all about his amazing journeys, expeditions and achievements. Now he’s here to let you in on a little secret…how he made his dreams into a career & how you can do it too!

So here you have it ladies & gents, Ben Southall…


If you had to work an average job, what would it be and why?


Honestly? I don't think I’d survive! If I had to choose a career for the rest of my life I think I’d go back into organizing major events. There’s something wonderfully addictive about the logistical side of things for me, along with the excitement of the running the live event but the best feeling comes when it’s all wrapped up at 2am when the adrenaline finally stops flowing.


How did you turn your passion into your career?


There were two major events in my life that kick-started me from being a thinker to a do’er. I lost two great friends in separate tragic accidents who were travelling and exploring the world but never made it home. Life is far too short and can be over in an instant so taking every opportunity to live out the things some people only dream about has become my driving force.


In 2009 I embarked on my Afritrex adventure when I drove around Africa and this really opened my mind to other cultures and people, which gave me a different perspective of what actually matters in life.


During the expedition I ran five marathons and climbed the five highest mountains on the continent to raise money for charity. It was the start of a desire to push my physical boundaries further and to achieve more with each project I plan.


The expeditions sow the seed that adventures are achievable by anyone who’s brave enough to take a leap of faith and step outside what can be the rut of life. We have one chance on Planet Earth – use it!


Today I work with tourism organisations around the world to showcase the beauty of the natural world as a backdrop for my grueling challenges. It’s a good relationship to have, which fulfills my selfish need to travel and push myself harder, whilst inspiring others to do the same in their own way.




What advice do you give to those who are trying to break the office routine & live the dream?


It’s very easy to live within your comfort zone and never really test your mettle, but if you do the rewards are untold.


Embark on your own micro-adventure first to build your confidence; be that exploring your local park, climbing the local mountain or trying a new outdoors activity for the first time.


“If you don’t go, you never know” – words I try and live by every day. 

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The big goal in life is to find what you love and make it your career. Well, ladies and gentleman, meet the man that has done exactly that and more! Ben Southall has discovered his absolute love for adventure and brought his dreams to a reality. First of all, he was the Winner of The Best Job in The World 2009 where he was awarded the job of being Caretaker of the Islands of the Great Barrier Reef – I’ll just let that sink in for a moment.


He has presented his own television series on the National Geographic channel, written a book, set a world record for the fastest ascent of the tallest mountain in each state in Australia (all in 8 days), kayaked Captain Cook’s ‘Voyage of Discovery’ down the east coast of Queensland, climbed five of Africa’s highest mountains as well as running five marathons on his Afritrex expedition…that will do for now.


Part 1 of The Ultimate Career we will chat to Ben about his adventurous life & all the amazing things he has seen and done. Part 2 will be released tomorrow where Ben reveals how he turned his dreams into a reality and what advice he has for others who wish to follow their feet, so stay tuned!


What is your official job title?


From the list above I still don’t know! I haven't used my degree in car design and engineering since I walked out the door of Kingston University in 1997 and since then I’ve been a tour guide, PR manager and event manager in South Africa and the UK.


The last five years in Australia have been an amalgamation of roles brought on by opening doors and opportunity – from television presenter to running my own production company and in the last couple of years I’ve embarked on a number of expeditions to set world records and inspire people to get outdoors and explore this wonderful planet.



As Winner of the Best Job in the World, you were the caretaker of the Islands of The Great Barrier Reef – what was the most amazing part of this job?


There were so many amazing experiences during the six months living on the Great Barrier Reef but the ones that stick in my mind are those that were unplanned and just happened. Being out on a small catamaran off Lindeman Island early one Sunday morning as a pod of Humpback Whales swam by was incredible. The largest of the group surfaced so close to me that it moved the boat!


Visiting the remote islands of the Torres Strait was another memorable experience; the beauty of these tiny islands and the hospitality of the people who live there will stay with me forever.


You’ve been on numerous adventures so far, what has been your most memorable?


I have a complete love of Africa and the rawness the continent delivers. Yes there are numerous problems that may never be solved but the people, the landscapes, the wildlife and the adventures that can be had there far outweigh the negatives.

When I think back to driving across the Sahara with a friend it makes me want to go back time and time again.




You’ve now seen more of Australia than the average Australian, what’s your favourite spot and why?


My perfect escape from the world has to be Lady Elliot Island at the southern tip of the Great Barrier Reef. It’s a tiny coral cay but the owner Peter Gash has turned it into the most wonderful eco-retreat where nature forms the ultimate playground. I could snorkel, dive and photograph there forever!


I believe you are about to embark on your next adventure in New Zealand, can you tell us about that?


At the end of 2014 the Global Adventurers (a team of three friends – Luke, Pat and I) will attempt to set a world record for the fastest ever completion of New Zealand’s Nine Great Walks with our ‘New Zealand 9’ expedition. Totalling over 545km the adventure will traverse some of the toughest multi-day treks – taking only a day to run between 36 and 80km. One of the ‘walks’ is actually a 145km paddle so we’re training hard for a long day on the water too.


2015 looks pretty busy too. My wife, Sophee and I are shipping the same Land Rover I drove around Africa in (and consequently brought to Australia) to Singapore and then driving back to the UK over eight months. 



Pretty amazing stuff, right? Stay tuned tomorrow for Part 2 where Ben reveals just how he did it all & how you can do it too...

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Well, the FIFA World Cup 2014 has come to an epic close. Which you already knew. Germany won! Something else that you already knew. They scored in the 113th minute…you may not have known that but that’s what happened.


It's been a month of excitement for soccer fans across the country, rising early to support their teams at the nearest pub or watching live on their screens on the comfort of the couch. And after a tense match for both Germany and Argentina, the Germans secured their crown by scoring the first and only goal of the match to win them the victory of the FIFA World Cup 2014!


But I'm not here to help you relive that exciting match. Nope! I'm here to bring you a different, slightly more entertaining, angle on the world cup proceedings... 



First up, I’ve got ‘Everyday Football Fouls’ – a YouTube hit that was uploaded just last week of soccer fouls that occur in everyday life. It’s a real gem!





Secondly, but not necessarily second in quality, I bring to you 'Cats and Dogs watching the 2014 FIFA World Cup 2014' (my personal favourite starts at 0:48).





Some serious quality entertainment, please enjoy!

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BRW (Business Review Weekly) released their famous Rich List last week! Each year, the 200 richest people in Australia are released along with their over-sized fortunes. So if you’re already feeling bad about the size of your bank account, maybe this is where you should stop reading. Otherwise, grab the chocolate & the tissues, because I’m bringing you the Top 10 Richest People in Australia…


1. Gina Rinehart - $20.01 Billion


Rinehart is Chairman of Hancock Prospecting, a company that founded huge amounts of Iron Ore in the 1950’s in Western Australia. Rinehart inherited the company from her father and continues to develop and expand today. She is the only female in the Top 10 and more than doubles the fortune of Number Two!


2. Anthony Pratt - $7.64 Billion


Anthony and his sisters also inherited their father’s company, Visy, and made it more successful than ever. Visy is a box-maker and recycling business that commands the Australian recycling market. Anthony is also the owner of Pratt Industries, a US business, which has been growing at a huge 20% per year! Not too shabby Pratt, not too Shabby at all.


3. James Packer - $7.19 Billion


With Barangaroo on the way, Packer isn’t doing so badly. Not to mention multiple plans for development all over the world! No doubt by next year, Packer may see himself moving up the list. Poor guy.


4. Frank Lowy - $7.16 Billion


Going from working in a delicatessen to co-founding the Westfield Group wasn’t such a bad move for Mr. Lowy. At age 83, he ran Westfield for more than 50 years while now he remains chairman. I’m sure his retirement fund is looking voluptuous!


5. Ivan Glasenberg - $6.63 Billion


Chief Executive of Glencore Xstrata, one of the largest commodity trading & mining companies in the world.


6. Hui Wing Mau - $6.35 Billion


Executive director and major shareholder of Shimao Property Holdings, a Hong Kong based company. Apparently he invested in real estate in Australia in the 1990’s and somehow holds an Australian passport, details of which people seem to flurry over. Interesting.


7. Andrew Forrest - $5.86 Billion


Founder and non-executive chairman of Fortescue Metals Group. Goodness, it seems the mining industry is where the money is at! He founded the company in 2003 and in just 8 years is had become the fourth largest iron ore producer…in the world!


8. Harry Triguboff - $5.5 Billion


Founder of the property development company Meriton, which he still runs today. Starting out as a taxi driver & milkman before making his fortune in property.


9. John Gandel - $4.08 Billion 

Gandel owns Chadstone Shopping Centre in Melbourne, the largest Centre in the Southern Hemisphere.


10. Kerr Neilson - $3.35 Billion


Co-founder and MD of Platinum Asset Management, who specialize in international equities. Apparently they do quite well for themselves.



Just remember: money doesn’t buy happiness. Much.

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Here they are, the top 8 industries that dominate the Australian workforce. To give you a bit of perspective, there are 19 industries recognized in total, and these top 8 account for a huge 68.7% of all workers in Australia!

Did you know that one of the industries is actually called 'Other Services'? Yep. Your favourite hair dresser that styles it just how you like it, the lovely girl who does your nails, even your local mechanic bloke are all categorised under 'Other'. For all you 'others' out there, we appreciate you!


Moving the Top 8!



  1.      Public Administration & Safety (6.6%)


The industry that gives us parking fines, kicks us out of bars & generally keeps us in order. We love to hate them & hate to love them. But where would we be without them?


Fun Fact: The most popular occupation within this sector is Policing.



  1.      Accommodation & Food Services (6.7%)


Thank god for our waiters, our bartenders & our chefs for keeping our bellies happy and round! I know I’d be a much grumpier and healthier person without them.


Interesting Note: You are more likely to be employed part time than full time in this industry.


To search for hospitality jobs, click here



  1.      Education & Training (7.7%)


Fun Fact: This industry has the highest percentage of workers with a higher qualification such as a bachelor degree.


To search education jobs, click here.



  1.      Professional, Scientific & Technical Services (7.7%)


This sector covers a range of occupations from legal services to veterinary services all the way to graphic design. The majority of workers are qualified with either a bachelor degree or a higher education.


To search accounting/admin jobs, click here.

To search computers/IT jobs, click here.



  1.      Manufacturing (8%)


Fun Fact: 73% of the Manufacturing Workforce is male.


To search manufacturing jobs, click here.



  1.      Construction (8.9%)


I’m sure I’m not the only one that notices four tradies standing around a construction site staring at each other wondering when they will actually begin work. Then, before you know it, it’s smoke break!


In all seriousness, this is one of the most labour intensive industries that we have to offer. Which makes my fun fact not really that fun but self-explanatory.


Fun Fact: This industry has a younger workforce than any other industry’s average.


To search construction jobs, click here.



  1.      Retail (11%)


With jobs throughout all regions and available to all age groups, it’s no wonder retail is one of the largest industries! Over half of those employed under this sector are sales assistants!


Did you know? Half of the jobs in the retail industry are part time! This makes it an ideal place to enter the workforce.


To search retail jobs, click here.



  1.      Health Care & Social Assistance (12.1%)


This is Australia’s largest industry, employing anyone in the medical sphere including nurses, doctors, carers & even medical receptionists.


To search Medical related jobs, click here.









All statistics & information sourced from:

    Top stories
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    "From go to whoah! Less than a year old and more than 117,000 members. A local startup story" "At 22 years old Gen George has already built a remarkable business. In June 2012 George launched her startup OneShift '“ a play in the casual and part-time work space. In less than a year, there are more than 117,000 registered members who are looking for work. But, more remarkable is the fact that there are several thousand registered employers looking for staff. It's a business that looks to set to shakeup the recruitment space. The OneShift business model is simple '“ put people looking for casual work in touch with companies looking for casual employees. Gone are the long contracts for advertising available roles. Gone are excessive advertising costs that the major job listing sites charge. OneShift is changing the online recruitment landscape. In this podcast hear about how George took this business from an idea she had while travelling, to pitching to family to raise the initial funds, to securing leading industry mentors '“ ones who understand how to revolutionise a stagnant market."
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    Talking money is an interesting topic. We all need it and we all want more of it. But many employees feel too awkward to ask their employers for a pay rise. Why? Too often it's a matter of the on-going commitment, they think, is required to a business or company once a pay rise has been granted. Many employees believe that if they ask for a pay rise, then they're forced to 'stay-on' and do their time in order to prove that the rise wasn't a waste. Other employees are intimidated by the outcome of asking for a pay rise. However, most managers are too busy doing their own work to note down all of your achievements. To get a pay rise, be your own best advocate and document why you deserve one. Your boss will need to justify your pay rise to his/her boss so documented reasons will make this easier. So what's the best approach to ask for a pay rise? #1 Rule: Know what makes you worthy or deserving for a pay rise. Are you working additional hours? Are you doing tasks which were not originally outlined in your job description? Have you brought new ideas or initiatives to a business which have substantially helped the growth of the company? Before you approach your boss, it's important to have a list with concrete examples of how you have helped the business and gone beyond your initial 'calls' of duty. Demonstrate the value you have to the company and find out why you would be difficult to replace based on the strength of the current employee market. When should the rate of pay go up? Pay rates can go up: - When you get a promotion - When a junior employee turns a year older or becomes an adult (this means 18-21 years, depending on the award, agreement or industry sector) - When you shift from one year of your apprenticeship to the next - On the anniversary of your employment (12 months) when you are under a federal award or agreement - When a pay rise is awarded by Fair Work Australia - When an employment agreement says you should get one #2 Rule: Another crucial step in preparing your pay-rise pitch is finding out more details surrounding the pay-review process at your particular organization. Some employers review the pay structure of their employees on the anniversary of the employee joining the company, others work on the 'don't ask, don't get' system and require a more proactive approach on behalf of the employee to ask for a pay rise. Most businesses create budgets around a financial year which include allocating funds for new staff and pay rises for the additional staff. You can ask what the process is and flag that you will be preparing a written request for a pay review. #3 Rule: Don't ambush your boss. Send him/her an email outlining why you would like to meet up before a time and date is arranged. Pitch to them why you think you are deserving of a pay rise (generally). This means that on the day of the meeting, they will have a response and a more accurate idea of what the business can offer you. #4 Rule: On the day of the meeting, look professional and dress appropriately. When asking for a pay rise, give the reasons why you are deserving of one first, your value to the company and then state what you would like to be paid. Don't mention your personal situation or the reasons behind why you may need more money. More importantly, don't beg, plead or become aggressive. #5 Rule: Be prepared for a 'no'. Sometimes a business is simply unable to offer a pay rise. In this instance, come prepared. Bring a list of courses you'd like to do as an alternative to a pay rise. This shows your willingness for self-improvement and interest in contributing to the productivity of the company no matter what. Also ask the employer's permission to ask again for a rise in three months time. #6 Rule: If your employer states an outright 'no' and doesn't even recognize your achievements or worth to the business say 'that's OK' and begin looking elsewhere. Note: Not getting a pay rise that you are entitled to means that you have been underpaid. If this is the case, contact your union or use the Fair Work Ombudsman  for assistance. Image Image source:  
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    Image Photo Credit: As baby boomers start to enter their 60s and are facing retirement, we begin to wonder what will come next for the job market. We know that many of the jobs they currently hold are becoming outdated and are being replaced with new skills that require additional training. Over the next ten years, we're likely to see some major changes in the way people work, but even more so, we're probably going to see a difference in the qualities and requirements for all jobs. Perhaps many of the jobs we're thinking of don't even exist yet. Analysts from the U.S. Bureau of Labour Statistics have predicted that the healthcare and financial services sectors are most likely to flourish over the next ten years and that jobs within these industries are also most likely to increase. According to futurologist James Bellini, this means the creation of roles such as 'elderly well-being consultant' because an older population will need different health care. But he also mentioned the prospect of new positions in the field of farming and agriculture, such as 'vertical farmers', who would be farming crops upwards, not across to save space, as food resources are becoming scarce. Author of You Tomorrow and fellow futurologist Ian Pearson predicts growth in augmented reality where the real world is overlaid with computer-generated images. In other words, many of the changes we are seeing today will create the need for jobs to materialise very quickly. So here are some job titles you might want to look out for in the next ten years, as listed by Britain's Telegraph newspaper:
    1. Digital architect: Designs a selection of virtual buildings for advertisers and retailers to market their products
    2. Home carer: Helps care for elderly people in their own homes
    3. Elderly well-being consultant: Specialises in holistic and personalised care for the elderly
    4. Body part maker: Creates living body parts for athletes and soldiers
    5. Nano-medic: Creates very small implants for health monitoring and self-medication
    6. Vertical farmer: Farms crops upwards rather than across flat fields to save space
    7. Waste data handler: Disposes of your data waste in a responsible way
    8. Climate controller: Manages and modifies weather patterns
    9. Avatar manager: Designs and manages holograms of virtual people
    10. Memory augmentation surgeon: Helps preserve and improve memory in an ageing population
    11. Time broker: Handles time banked by customers in lieu of money for goods or services
    12. Personal branding manager: Develops and manages your personal brand
    13. Child designer: Designs offspring that fit parental requirements
    14. Omnipotence delimiter: Reins in our belief that anything is possible and we are all-powerful
    15. Personal medical apothecary: Provides a bespoke range alternative therapies.
    16. Haptic programmer: Develops technology around the science of touch, such as gloves that make your hand feel warm, or wrapped in velvet.
    Where do you see your career in the 2020s? Let OneShift know! - The OneShift Blog
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    self-confidence Photo Credit: It's quite obvious that successful people are generally of the confident and charming variety. The problem with many of us is that all too often, we let our insecurities (and we all have them) get the better of us and we shy away from opportunities. It has been proven that people can sense levels of confidence from the moment someone steps into the room. How? The way  you stand, walk and even sit is one of the major tell-tailing signs that you're a confident, go-getting individual. Good posture means that your body is aligned correctly and all body parts are well-supported. Not only does body language affect how other people you, but how you see yourself.  Amy Cuddy's studies show that 'power posing'? '“ standing in a posture of confidence, even when you don't feel confident '“ affects the level of testosterone and cortisol in your brain, making you feel better about yourself. Her research concludes that changing your body positions does too influence how others see you and even alters your body chemistry. Power Posing before an interview '“ or before any event where you are in need of a confidence boost '“ will improve how you feel and appear to others. But what if you have bad posture? Here are ten tips to help improve and maintain your stance:
    • When sitting, relax your shoulders and keep your forearms parallel to the ground
    • When sitting, keep your feet on the floor or on a footrest if they don't reach the floor
    • When working at the computer, make sure that your screen, desk and keyboard are properly aligned
    • When driving, adjust the seat forward so your knees are slightly higher than your hips and place a small cushion behind the lower part of your back
    • Get up and move around, change positions frequently
    • When standing, keep the majority of your weight on the balls of your feet and make sure your knees are slightly bent. Keep your feet about shoulder-width apart.
    • When standing, pull your shoulders back and tuck your tummy in and make sure your head is kept in a level position.
    • When lying, avoid sleeping on your stomach and sleep with a pillow.
    • When lying, sleep on your side with your knees slightly bent.
    • When lifting, let your legs do the work and bend from the knees, down to the object. Don't bend your back down towards the object
    Let OneShift know what you think about posture and confidence!
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    logo Accelerates OneShift's dominance in online employee/ employer matching

    2 October 2013 '“ Sydney '“ Online job matching platform OneShift has entered into an equity partnership with Programmed, one of Australia's leading providers of staffing, maintenance and facility management services. Programmed has acquired a 27.5% equity stake and intends to market the capability of OneShift to many of its customers. The new partnership will capitalise on OneShift's rapidly growing user base and Programmed's presence in key metropolitan and regional areas across Australia and New Zealand OneShift, a website that pairs those seeking more flexible work with the businesses that need them for short periods of time, has enjoyed rapid growth since its inception fourteen months ago. OneShift has attracted almost 230,000 users to a site which was created from the frustration at the lack of shift work sites the founder experienced when on a working holiday in Europe last year. Commenting on the alliance 22 year old Founder and Chief Executive Officer of OneShift, Genevieve George, says: 'This partnership will drive further structural change across the recruitment industry, combining our strength in the on-line job matching space with Programmed's decades of experience and industry knowledge.'? Miss George continues: 'The OneShift technology allows businesses to match suitable candidates with jobs they have available. By just entering a few details on the website our automated search matches businesses up with people instantly and inexpensively. Our fastest match to date was a job posted for a barista where a suitable candidate was working 27 minutes after the job was entered on the OneShift site.'? ## Media Contact: OneShift HQ e. p. 02 8235 2305 About OneShift OneShift is a network that matches employees and employers to short term work including one off shifts, casual work or permanent part time employment. It is free to join and to review job seeker matches, and just $10 to get into contact with the employee of the business' choice. Led by Genevieve George, OneShift started as a venture to match working holiday candidates to employers in tourism hotspots and has expanded to a full range of industries including retail, construction, beauty services and healthcare among others.